The comeback of the successful combination machine with 410 mm planing width and 900 mm cutting width.

Relaunched in three configuration types with innovative details and optimized for modern woodworking, the C3 41, the C3 41 Comfort and the C3 41 Perform convince immediately. The achievable results impress on a solo machine level and with well-thought-out and practical operating concepts. Regardless of whether planing, sawing, milling or drilling, the extreme ease of use, the precise adjustment options, the quick changeover times and the high quality of workmanship provide investment security for many years!

The solid units and powerful engines ensure long-term reliability. For user-friendliness and fastest change-over times, Hammer offers detailed solutions such as the MF moulder spindle quick-change system, the dual folding planing tables, the MULTI-fine adjustment system, the 3-knife automatic cutterblock, the quick adjustment for chip removal and much more. Upon request, the Hammer C3 41 can also be equipped with the revolutionary Silent-Power spiral blade cutterblock.

In small workshops, where a permanent all-round access to the machine is not possible, the comfortable rolling carriage allows easy mobility for optimum access to respective application area. For drilling and chiselling work, your Hammer C3 41 can be equipped with a horizontal mortiser.

... why you should choose a Hammer

  • Excellent value for money
  • Decision making reliability for many years to come
  • Innovative machine technology
  • Solid cast iron tables and units
  • High quality, unique detail solutions as part of the standard package
  • Top quality manufacturing with strict quality guidelines
  • Remarkably user friendly
  • Classic design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Compact functionality
  • Mobile as an option
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Quickest changeover times

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Equipment & Specifications

001 3x 400 V motor voltage S
003 1x 230 V motor voltage, motor 4.0 HP (3.0 kW) S6/40% Option
004 50 Hz motor frequency S
005 60 Hz motor frequency Optional equipment at no extra cost
007 Motor 4.0 HP (3.0 kW) S6/40% S
008 Motor 5.5 HP (4.0 kW) S6/40% Option
11 Forward and Reverse Run S
Surface Planer and Cutterblock
42 3 knife quick-change, self-setting cutterblock system S
43 3 knife standard-knife cutterblock Option
44 Silent-POWER spiral cutterblock Option
Number of knives - Silent-POWER spiral cutterblock 62
Maximum depth of cut in mm 4 mm
Surface planing width in mm 410 mm
Surface planer table length in mm 1800 mm
Planer fence tilting from 90°–45°, anodised S
Length of surface planer fence in mm 150 x 1150 mm
Thickness planer unit
Thicknessing planing width in mm 406 mm
Thicknessing table length in mm 600 mm
Thicknessing height min.–max. 4–225 mm S
Synchronized feeder drive 6 m/min. (50 Hz) S
Synchronized feeder drive 24 ft.min (60 Hz) Optional equipment at no extra cost
Saw Unit
Main sawblade dia. 250–315 mm, Saw unit speed 4800 rpm S
Saw blade tilting from 90°–45°, Max. cutting height 103 mm S
Saw-spindle moulder table in mm 860 x 300 mm
76 cutting width 0-900 mm
82 Preparation for Dado tooling up to ¾” (19.5 mm) width Option
74 Mechanical scoring unit, scoring blade dia. 3 ⅛” (80 mm) Option
Spindle Moulder Unit and Spindle Fence
Fixed spindle with height adjustment from the front S
Speed 3000/6000/8000/10.000 rpm S
100 Moulder spindle dia. 30 mm, usable height 100 mm S
101 MF spindle system - Spindle/Moulder spindles-Ø 30 mm, usable height 100 mm Option
105 MF spindle system - Spindle/Moulder spindles-Ø 50 mm, usable height 100 mm Option
102 MF spindle system - Spindle/Moulder spindles-Ø 32 mm, usable height 100 mm Option
103 MF spindle system - Spindle/Moulder spindles-Ø 35 mm, usable height 100 mm Option
104 MF spindle system - Spindle/Moulder spindles-Ø 1¼", usable height 100 mm Option
108 MF spindle system - Moulder spindle with collet chuck coupler Option
Spindle fence 220 for max. ­tooling diameter 220 mm S
Max. tooling diameter beneath table at 90° 180 mm
113 Multi-adjustment system Option
Anodised Format Sliding Table
130 Format sliding table 800 mm(31"), cutting length 865 mm(34")* S
131 Format sliding table 1250 mm, cutting length 1300 mm* Option
132 Format sliding table 2000 mm(78"), cutting length 2050 mm(80")* Option
Outrigger Tables and Crosscut Fences
160 Outrigger table 1100 Option
163 Precision mitre guide index system (#160/161) Option
164 Crosscut fence 900 mm for all sliding table S
165 Crosscut fence extension 29 ½” (750 mm) for crosscut fence (#164) Option
166 Crosscut fence 51” (1300 mm) for outrigger 1100 (#160) Option
168 Crosscut fence 51” (1300 mm) for outrigger table instead of crosscut fence 35” (900 mm) (#160) Option
Mortising Unit
190 Mortising table Option
191 Mortising chuck 0–16 mm Option
Weight, kg (with average equipment) net/gros 720
Important Accessories
210 Rolling carriage without lifting bar Option
211 Lifting bar Option
212 Tilt-away mount for power feeders Option
223 Heat treated palette according to IPPC regulations Optional equipment at no extra cost


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